Word of ERAF's Hoof Prints Campaign to find a new home is spread by local news

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Thank you Wendy Conrad from Pink Bellies Photography for the exceptional portraits of Bella, Rupert, Tink, Diva, Phoenix, Emerald and Joey on the Adopt a Horse page...

GFAS wowed by ERAF and the equine parade

Patty Finch, Executive Director, GFAS

Adam Roberts, President GFAS, Sr. CP Born Free USA

Peter Bender, board member, Pettus- Crowe Foundation

Ian Robinson, DVM, Secretary/VP, Programs/International Operations for Int. Fund for Animal Welfare

Allan E. Kornberg, M.D., board member, Univ of Buffalo

Sue Leary, Pres of the American Anti-Vivisection Society

and its affiliates, The Alternative Research and Development Foundation

Daryl Tropea, Ph.D., Equine Verification Consultant 

The Knopf Foundation provides funds for our new trailer just in time for ERAF's move to a new home!!!

ERAF is very grateful to The Knopf Foundation for their generous grant that enabled us to add this wonderful trailer to our facility.  Soon, it will be further enhanced with the ERAF logo. 

Lunch and Learn with Volunteer and Trainer Mark Updike is a hit with Tessy (and a nosy 4 legged neighbor) as well as other ERAF vols

This is what ERAF does...

First, ERAF rescues Tinkerbell 

Then, ERAF cares for and rehabilitates her

on the volunteer page

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Last update  4/4/14

We're ready for out closeup...Media Day brings 
out our stars and WPTV Channel 5 was there to 
capture it.

The OPEN HOUSE originally scheduled for April 26 has been postponed.   We will post the new date here and on Facebook soon.
In the meantime, take a peek at our new forever home by clicking on the photo.

The Horses are coming!!

               The Horses are coming!!

A giant thank you to John Camerlengo and his
crew who provided and donated the sand, fill,
labor, time and energy to get the grounds,
stalls, pastures, arena and round pen ready for our horses.  Now they can move in TODAY!!!

Hoof Prints Campaign Donor

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  $25.00 a month for 1 year covers feed for a month, farrier and vet care for a year

Become a Sustaining Supporter and you will enable ERAF to continue its mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for abused, abandoned and neglected horses.  ERAF is a Not-for-Profit 501(c) 3 organization and as such, 100% of your donation goes directly to the foundation to support its efforts for these animals.To become a Sustaining Supporter, select the checkbox under “Make this a recurring (monthly)” box on your PayPal donation screen:

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Hoofprints Capital Campaign Kickoff Party was a fabulous affair

On November 15, Denise LeClaire-Robbins hosted the Hoofprint Capital Campaign with a fabulous cocktail party.  ERAF is grateful for the time and energy Denise expended on ERAF's behalf.  Read more below.

Do you know what a fetlock is?  

Martin County offically commends ERAF for its "invaluable role in saving, healing and loving horses in need"

Remember this?

May, 2013


ERAF'S equine population doubled in a single day as Martin County Sheriffs brings 11 negotiated intakes including 7 horses and 4 donkeys to ERAF for care. 

ERAF has done it's magic again. 

Just look at them now!!!

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder calls for public's support in saving ERAF.  Cites ERAF as essential community resource

The Martin County community needs to help take responsibility for new and future rescues, says Sheriff Snyder.  It must support ERAF in its rescue and rehabilitation effort.  “We have absolutely no other place in Martin County like this…If these people weren’t here, I have no idea what we would have done with those horses”

Photo by Beverly Bevis Jones, PR

See more photos of Sheriff Snyder's visit

Equine rescues double in 1 day

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