Michael Infante

This month we’re thanking a relative newcomer to ERAF. Like so many others Michael Infante found ERAF while driving down Martin Highway. The sign on our fencing has surely paid for itself just in new volunteers.

Turns out that Mike is a bit of a horse whisperer who has been able to bond with several feral horses that we’ve been having great challenges with. It’s been impressive to watch him earn the trust and confidence of horses that historically have trusted no one.

Mike was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and moved to Miami at the age of six. His father enjoyed horses and introduced Mike to them, so by age 10 Mike was working with horses frequently.

Apparently taming feral horses isn’t enough for Mike because he also does volunteer and rescue work with wild animals.

We asked Mike what he it is that allows him to break through with some of our most difficult horses. He explained that first you need to earn their trust and then you need to expose them to a regimen of consistent repetition. We have a lot of REALLY great horse people that haven’t succeeded where Mike has, so just maybe he’s got some secret sauce that he uses when all else fails.

Being a Horse Whisperer isn’t for the faint of heart. When he was working with one of our ferals the horse first kicked at Mike’s head and then turned and kicked through a paddock fence. Apparently it wasn’t love at first sight.

When Mike isn’t helping us at the barn he enjoys spending time with his four children who live in West Palm Beach and working in his real estate business which is located in Wellington.

The entire Board of Directors and our barn crew would like to thank Mike for all he has done for us and more importantly our horses.