Pat and Arthur Cox, March 2018
by Barbara Alessi

This month ERAF is proud to recognize and honor Arthur and Patricia Cox for their commitment to ERAF. Pat and Arthur are not attention seeking people but when you read their story perhaps you’ll agree that what they’ve done is noteworthy.

Pat & Art found us in 2013 shortly after the sudden death of their long-time friend and companion Arabian. Unfortunately the death of a prized animal is almost always a part of the ownership experience that we go through. The grieving process was long and painful but at some point the Cox’s came to understand that it was time to move on and find another horse to save and love.

Apparently at the right moment a friend of theirs asked Pat if she had ever heard of ERAF. Before long they were in the car headed north from their Jupiter home to visit our barn.

It’s easy to fall in love with a horse if you’re a horse person. Strong, sleek, visually stunning, what more could anyone want?

However, the real measure of a horse person/lover is a person who pulls an animal close to them even though the horse is not strong, not sleek, and not visually stunning. A person who can see the potential and a person who understands that this horse needs me.

During their visit to our barn they came across Soda. A horse with remarkable blood lines but a horse that had a significant issue with his leg. The veterinarians spent many hours trying to get him better but it was a formidable task due to the severity of his injuries.

The Cox’s were immediately drawn to Soda and began caring for him and sponsored him to make sure that he got the care he needed.

For months Pat would travel from Jupiter to Palm City to take care of Soda. Month after month she found the strength to make that trip one more time. She was thinking that if she could ever get him well she would adopt him and bring him to his new home.

Unfortunately Soda’s injuries were extremely slow to heal but Pat would not yield an inch and continued to care for him.

On one trip a friend who came along with Pat asked her to come out to one of the paddocks. There stood Joey. Perhaps a bit underweight but still a striking horse. Another story of love at first sight happened and next thing you know they were backing the trailer up to take Joey down to Jupiter where he still lives happily ever after.

Soda was still healing so now the Cox’s had a horse in Jupiter AND a horse in Palm City to care for. They are obviously from hardy stock because they did it and did it well.

Soda eventually healed and joined Joey down on the Cox’s property in Jupiter. During a recent visit by one of our board members he was reportedly doing excellent.

This is a long story but it was also a long journey for the Cox’s. Their efforts helped save two horses in desperate need of their love and attention.

For their commitment to Soda and Joey we honor them and thank them for helping us create a happy ending for those two wonderful horses.

Thank you Pat and Arthur!