Vickie & Stephan Ambrosch

Prior to your experience at ERAF, did either of you have horse experience?

Vickie owned an Appaloosa Mare years ago. Other than that, we both had limited experience prior to November 2016, when we took up weekly trail riding and some basic horsemanship lessons. That led to us working with rescues and then searching for an operation that combined teamwork, regular learning opportunities … with a focused vision. Steph’s standing joke is that the only thing he ever rode was the subway ( groan) 🙄

Favorite part of your volunteer experience?

Vickie – The horses of course! A life-long passion for them. Along with being given the opportunity for hands-on with the horses, I am learning to care for their unique needs and how to treat some of their ailments.

Stephan – meeting others who share a love of horses and not afraid to get dirty. Also that I am able to help with landscape maintenance. Botany has been a life-long passion. The two seem to go hand-in-hand. I also appreciate being able to take inventive approaches to everyday challenges.

Most memorable moment?

Vickie – working with Skye under saddle when he decided to crow hop (buck). Quite a ride but thanks to good instruction and team work both horse and rider were safe.

Stephan – Having Sweet Tea get loose emphasized the importance of 1) not turning my back on a horse and 2) making sure the paddock gate was secured, because she sure knew that it wasn’t . A shout of “loose horse” put the team into action and she was directed into the arena … of course I still had to catch her to return her to the paddock … lesson learned!

Favorite horse(s)?

Vickie – Rio, Misty, Judge, Skye, Maya, Lakota, … OK … all of them!

Stephan – Judge and Misty

Tell us a little more about yourselves…

Steph – New York City is where I learned my subway riding skills. I was a Biology (Botany/Microbiology) major in college that led me to a 35 year career with Pfizer Inc… lab, purchasing, and clinical development operations were a few of the areas I worked.

Vickie – Hails from Mystic, CT … has a business background working in the insurance industry, ship building, and then 15 years with Pfizer Inc … purchasing, clinical support, and finance.

After retiring from Pfizer we relocated to Jupiter and opened a house watch company called SAVA Concierge Home Services which we operated for about four years before deciding to retire full time.

We’ve just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary … have a blended family of four sons and one grandson.

Other interests include…

Gardening, boating, bike riding, beach going. Prior to horse rescue we were both garden coordinators with the Abacoa Community Garden in Jupiter. We were there for about 5 years … large 10,000 square foot garden in the middle of a housing development.