Please join us in welcoming these two new additions to our herd. 💚It has been a while since we had a donkey so this cutie named Jerry is quite popular! His friend, Smokey, is a former circus performer and is a real gentleman.

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They have about another week of quarantine and then we’ll have the opportunity to get to know them even better.
Please consider a donation to help support their care. We can’t do what we do without you!

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Welcome to the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit in Palm City, Florida, now celebrating more than 20 years of service to at risk horses.

We are the new beginning for horses who have been neglected, abused or surrendered by their owners and are in desperate need of help.

Too often they come to us broken in spirit and without a safe home. Sometimes they come to us heart broken, grieving the loss of their human partner and long time home. Very often they come to us ill or physically broken. The story is repeated time and again.

With our hard work, your generosity, and a loving new home they can once again be healthy horses that are filled with life and promise.

Our work is often filled with unspeakable sadness as these once upon a time majestic horses that have been abused, starved, and left unwanted come through our gates.

Then comes that amazing part of our work. We invest large amounts of our time, our hearts and money rehabilitating each horse that finds its way to our property. We provide them with the care, medicine, nutrition, training, and love that brings them back to a full and productive life. The true magic happens when we help these horses find a new partner, a new home, a new chapter.

In order to accomplish our mission, we rely on donations from you. In order to get the work done, we rely on volunteers who give their time. In order to find homes for these horses, we rely on our adopters. Please click on the links below and Adopt, Donate, Volunteer, support our fundraising events. Together we make a difference.

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