SonSonSon Begin Again ADOPTED
Boogie Begin Again Adopted
Graduation Invite (3)

On April 22, 2023 we celebrated our Begin Again graduates! Our retired Thoroughbreds and their volunteer teams showed invited guests the results of the 8-week program. These are just a few photos from a wonderful day!
We are incredibly proud of our horses and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication! Well done, everyone!

Special thanks to Merriam Mashatt, our Begin Again program director, and Debbie DeSantis, Begin Again equine facilitator.

BA Grad-3107Merriam
BA Grad-3172
BA Grad-3039
BA Grad Macho-2948
BA Grad-SonSon (1)
BA Grad-Drexel 2894 (4)
BA Grad-Drexel 2894 (3)
BA Grad-Drexel 2894 (2)
BA Grad-3182
BA Grad-3137
BA Grad-3060
BA Grad6
BA Grad-3076
BA Grad--5
BA Grad Sugar4 (1)
BA Grad Skippy
BA Grad Macho-3090
BA Grad Calypso--2
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