Skippy (Skip Right)

About Skippy

Skippy was a former racehorse who came to ERAF with her son Drexel. She genuinely likes to be around people. Given a little time to warm up to her environment, she connects well with her people both on the lead and off. Skippy is always the first to join up with people entering her pasture. She seems to have an innate ability to seek out and connect with those facing emotional challenges. Skippy is the leader of her mare herd and treasures peaceful evenings out on the field.

Therapy / EAS Characteristics

• Connected and trustworthy partner on lead rope
• Does not mind toys, starting to warm up to playing with them
• Enjoys the challenge of an interesting obstacle course
• Genuinely likes to be around people

• She needs time to adjust and she is ready to connect on her own time
• Connects using Natural Lifemanship method, she becomes relaxed in the join up at her own pace

Name Skippy (Skip Right)
DOB 2004
Height 16.0 HH
Breed Thoroughbred
Color Grey
Gender Mare
Handler Level Intermediate
Discipline Companion/ Non-Riding Therapy/EAS
Temperament 5-Standard