These are our current horses available for adoption.

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Judge Thoroughbred Gelding Born 2011 16.3hh Companion Horse
Sonora Paso Fino Mare Born 2004 13.2 H
Lumumba (Congo)  OTTB Gelding, Born 2014
Noelle Paso Fino, Mare, Born 2000, 13.2hh
Trudy Untrue Thoroughbred, Mare, Born 2012
CalicoPaint Mare, Born 2004, 15 hh
Picarro Paso Fino, Mare , Born 2015,13.1 hh
Mason Thoroughbred Gelding, Born 2012, 14.2hh Companion Horse
Gypsy Filly, Born May 2018
Lily Paso Fino Mare, Born 2003, 14hh Companion Horse
Jane Mustang, Mare, Born 2012, 14.3hh Companion Horse Blind
Sally Paso Fino Cross Mare Born 2002, 14.2hh Companion Horse
Gladiator Paso Fino, Gelding, Born 2010, 13.3hh
Fancy Paint Mare, Born 2002, 16hh Companion Horse
Dezzie AQHA Reg Quarter Horse, Gelding, Born 1996
Mulch Thoroughbred Gelding, Born 2001
Thunder OTTB Thoroughbred, 16.1 Born 2011 Companion Horse
Strategically OTTB, Mare, Born 2014, Companion Horse
Roxanne REG Half-Arabian Mare, Born 2011
Nova Paso Fino, Mare, Born 2003, 13.3hh
Nick Thoroughbred, Gelding, Born 2001, 16hh Companion Horse
Babe Pony Mare Born 1995
SonSon OTTB Thoroughbred, Gelding, Born 2015 Companion Horse
Red Quarter Horse Gelding Born 1990 Companion Horse
Barbie Standardbred Mare, 15hh, Born 1988 Companion Horse
Willie OTTB Gelding, Born 2009, 16.1hh Companion Horse
WildHeart Wild Heart Paint Mare, Born 2004 Companion Horse
Elvis Tennesee Walker, Gelding, Born 2003, 15.2hh Fostered Pending Adoption
Faith Paint Mare, Born 2008, 15.1 hh Companion Horse
Ginger Quarter Horse, Mare, Born 1997, 14.2hh Companion Horse
Cowboy Quarter Horse Gelding Born 1988 14.3hh Companion Horse

These horses are not yet available for adoption. Check back for updates.
These horses are available for sponsorship.

Spice Quarter Horse Born 1995 15HH On Hold
Pumpkin Quarter Horse Born 2000 15.1HH On Hold
Savanah Paint Mare Born 2013 15.4HH On Hold
Maverick Mustang Gelding, Born 2015 Under Evaluation

These are our current Program horses. They are currently not available for adoption.
Our Program horses are available for sponsorship.

Booger Mini gelding, Born 2007 PROGRAM HORSE